You will need:

· a wargroup of mechs

· A six sided dice, or D6

· some where to play

· A 35 mm square playing mat

The turn

1. Movement

2. Attack

3. Next turn

Who goes first:

the players both roll a dice, the highest sets up and goes first. A player first must move and then shoot, with as many units as they want.


a mech may move as many spaces as its movement point allows. Turning takes up a movement point. Moving over a rubble tile and allies takes an extra move point. If movement will take a unit onto a rubble tile or other unit, but it will not have enough Mov points for the movement then it will not be allowed to stop on the tile, and must stay in where it is.

Mechs are not allowed to move through other enemy mechs or buildings.


To attack an enemy, it must be within range of the attacker's weapon and the attacker must be able to see the target. Also the target must be within range of the weapon being fired and the shooter must have enough energy to use the weapon.

To hit the target, our shooter rolls a D6 and adds his Acu score. If the result if higher than the targets Def score plus a D6 then, it’s A Hit! (Woo, confetti)

And now we just have to see if we can damage the target. We take the Str of the weapon and add a D6. We then take Arm score, plus D6, of the target take it away from the weapon Str score, if the result is 0 or less than no damage done, but if the Str is higher then the target take result in damage. Once the Dam of a mech reaches 0 then it shuts down, explodes, dragged back to whence it came or is other wise killed in a vey spectacular fashion.

To see if the target in range. Take the range of the weapon. If the target is on any square in the weapons range, then it can be hit.


It is posable to aim a mechs weapons at specific areas on the enemy. if you chose to do this them be warned, while disabling a weapon or movement may give a momentary bonus to your side, it will reduce the amount of damage taken.

Aiming at weapons/Ability modules:

Roll to hit with a -2 to your mechs Acu. If its a hit then roll for damage as normal, if damage is caused to the mech then compair the caused damage to the MtP of the targeted weapon or module. If the caused damage is higher than the MtP then the weapon or module is disabled and cannot be used for D3 turns. If the weapon/module takes more than 3 times as much damage as its MtP ,then it is destroyed and cannot be used for the rest of the game.

Aiming at movement

Roll to hit with a -1 to your mechs Acu. If its a hit then roll for damage with a -2 modifer, and if the mech takes damage then it will not be able to move for D6 turns.

A note on 1’s and 6’s

if when rolling to hit, avoid, damage, or not damage, you get a 1 then it is an automatic fail. the your shooter misfires, the defender screws up his doge, ect. Likewise if you roll a 6 then it is an automatic win, the shot automaticly hits, or the target takes the full power of the weapon as damage . the only exception is when both players get a 6 or 1, then its just a case of working it out the normal way.

Weapon effects

Some weapons use special abilits to become more powerful.These wepons have their weapon effect as part of the weapons title


When a mech or building is hit with a flame weapon, it is set on fire. Things that are on fire take D6 Dam every turn unless a 1 is rolled, then the effect expires.


Void weapons contain self contained black holes that tear at anything that gets to close. Any square that is hit by a void weapon has a void tile placed on it, any mech that passes over the tile takes D6 dam unless a 1 is rolled, then the effect expires.


tiles hit by smoke weapons have smoke tiles placed on them, smoke tiles block line of sight for D6 turns.


Buildings block line of sight and movement. Buildings can be destroyed by attacking them and beating their Arm score and taking its Dam down to 0, Buildings have a Arm score and Dam score equal to the number of tiles it takes up plus 2. When destroyed the building leaves a rubble tile the same size as the building that stood before.

The battlegroup

A group of mechs is called a battlegroup. Before the game a point limit is agreed. Each player can pick a force of mechs up to the agreed points limit. The point limit is usually 50 points, but a short game might only 25 while massive ‘end war’ games might be 125 or even 200 points.

Each battle group must have a commander; a highly expert mech pilot and tactician that commands the mechs to attack, run defend and so on. A list of commanders and command mechs can be found along with their factions. alternitivly you may select a mech to be a commander, but doing so will not allow you to use the faction style rules. Any mech that comander upgrade adds 1 to all its charecteristics, however it should be noted that only one mech can be a commander, but this can be any thype of mech (preferably a big one, with lots of guns and armour)

If a Battlegroup losses its commander, then it is allowed 1 more turn before it is considered defeated.

When Does it end?

Before the game starts roll three D6. The game will last that many turns. You could also play to a specific time limit, or until a number of objectives.