The game takes place during the 34 century, humanity had made a breakthrough in space travel. By altering the gravitational effect of their ships they are able to create permanent portals through space-time, or something. Any ways humanity got out there and discovered nothing but lots of planets with no life, but lots of mining potential. Colony’s where set up, and after about 150 there was a war between the colonies and earth, only stopping after 50 years with the invention of mechs, unable to afford the new mechs the poorer colony’s surrendered to the richer, who intern surrendered to Earth.

Every thing seamed peaceful until an inexpensive way of producing the mechs was found and then anyone with enough money could get one. And so the war restarted, but only now there is no end in sight, as all the factions are equally balanced. Oh and no one faction can stop fighting because if they did than they would be destroyed by their opponents. And as the mechs are so inexpensive soldiers are no longer needed. That was 400 years ago. Planets have changed sides hundreds of times, and the colony ships still fly out from to try to find new planets just to reduce the fighting. Human rights don’t really mean anything anymore. Everything got worse and it won’t get any better.

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