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Welcome to the Battle Machine wiki. We’re a collaborative community website about the Battle Machine table top game and the only place to find the rules. if you want to assist then feel free to drop me a mesage, if its simple housework such as correcting spelling and grammer go ahead.


This is a call out to anyone with any sort of drawing ability, I need mech images to help ilustrate some pages and I feel i just don't have the skill to go much beyond the blueprint like picatures we have at the moment.

I am looking into creating some mechs for the game. however it may be that they might not get replicated, unless I can find a relativly cheap way of resin casting. The alternative would be alowing a miniture company to create modles for the game, the amount of veriaty would definatly Keep them buisy!

What Is Battle MachinesEdit

Battle Machines a taple top game that revolves around mech combat in the violent 34 centuary.the game is played on a 35mm grid and features simple to learn gameplay and extensive customisation.

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